Monday, December 11, 2006


52 Tips for Selecting a Pond kit, Pond Construction and Maintenance(35)

40. OK. So what is the Nitrogen Cycle?

Nitrogen, in various combinations, is the building block of all living things. Nitrogen cannot be made or destroyed. It only changes combinations. The Nitrogen Cycle describes the process were nitrogen is taken up in plants from the soil. It becomes part of the plant. When the plant dies or sheds its leaves, nitrogen is returned to the soil.

In ponds care, we are concerned with the Nitrogen Cycle because some for of the nitrogen are toxic to the fish. As the organics from fish waste and dead plant material starts to decompose, it becomes ammonia. As the ammonia breaks down it becomes nitrites. The nitrites break down into nitrates. High levels of ammonia and nitrites can be toxic and can be deadly for the fish. Nitrates are safer and are in a form that can be taken up by plants.

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